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Strategy shift to one-to-one marketing pays off at Fort Belvoir FCU

Credit union eliminates "one-size-fits-all" offers; sees positive, bottom-line results

Released On:
May 17, 2007

To reach members with more timely, pertinent and personalized information and product offers, Fort Belvoir Federal Credit Union has repositioned its online marketing strategy, moving from one-size-fits-all efforts to a one-to-one approach. According to the credit union, advances in technology, paired with members' growing comfort level using the Internet (approximately one-third of Fort Belvoir members regularly use its online products), made the timing right time for the change.

The results have been impressive: After eight months of delivering individualized messages across its online banking, eStatements and email alerts channels, Fort Belvoir members clicked on the offers presented 1,348 times, generating 46 new loan accounts with total balances of $667,128 and 15 new deposit accounts with total deposits of $150,7454.

"We wanted to get the right message to the right person at the right time," said Jacque Connor, Fort Belvoir's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. "We were looking for ways to target more specifically, and we knew we wanted more than just a generic set of banners on our Website."

Fort Belvoir started its marketing shift by inviting members to "opt-in" to eLerts, a preference-based email alert service developed by DigitalMailer, Fort Belvoir's e-marketing partner. This service allows members to select the types of information they receive from Fort Belvoir.

"Preference-based emails were a great starting point as a one-to-some approach," said Conner, who explained most eLerts are used to share transactional information with members, greatly reducing the volume of calls into Fort Belvoir's contact center.

But to meet members at their point of need, Fort Belvoir incorporated multi-channel targeting capabilities in its marketing efforts, using DigitalMailer and AdeptMedia's "Deep Target" data mining/tracking capabilities.

Here's how it works: Fort Belvoir creates assorted stacks of offers to fit members' individual criteria, based on MCIF data. The MCIF information is uploaded to Deep Target, which sets up the ads and pulls the groups to receive a particular offer. Next, the credit union uses DigitalMailer's exclusive ability to send emails with the offers displayed to provide individualized messages to members.

With all of these pieces in place, Fort Belvoir can now deliver promotional offers tailored to individual members across a variety of online channels - Web site, online banking service, eStatements and eLerts.

"This program allows us to target directly to the right people," said Connor. "If a member has a car loan with us, no car loan offers appear in his eLerts from us or on the Web pages he views. Similarly, if a member has a checking account, she won't see checking account promos, but might see bill payment banners or other offers. Our members receive information about products they don't have with us instead of those they already use."

And that's exactly how the program is suppose to work, says Ron Daly, president/CEO of DigitalMailer. "By repositioning its online marketing strategy to focus on the specific needs of members, Fort Belvoir's overall efforts are more powerful - and their results more effective."


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