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  • Disruptive banking: The good, the bad … and the opportunity - 2015-03-06

    The term “disruption innovation” is as recent as the 1990s, but the action behind it traces back to the first human technology – the innovation of farming some 12,000 years B.C. Fast forward to the 21st century and high-tech innovations are causing market disruptions in virtually every industry so fast it isn’t hard to keep up with all of them – it’s impossible!...

  • Off-the-rack, ill-fitted marketing messages? One-size-fits-all is old fashioned - 2015-01-06

    AOne-size-fits-all might work for bike helmets and wrist watches, but it’s not the right fit for today’s marketing campaigns. Enhance your style with the benefits of variable data. When paired with current technologies, it can deliver a more tailored and personalized approach to effectively connect with your intended audience...

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Blog Post

Big Data, Little Data, Any Data: Strategic Marketing Using Your Credit Union’s Existing Data

Your credit union is rife with data—Core, CRMs, LOS, MCIFs, data warehouses, etc., etc. — so why not put that data to work to help jump start your growth initiatives?

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