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LoansPQ, Xpress and the ARB — The Perfect Fit


MeridianLink and DigitalMailer are joining forces to turbocharge loan growth, invest in new customer relationships and strengthen ties to current customers. Using email, online surveys, automated voice calls and triggered responses, we're following up on every opportunity and courting every lead with passion, persistence and focus.


Arb Feature

"We Need More Information"

Send emails to borrowers that stop the process, or to those that need to supply additional information. Keep the trail from going cold by keeping the potential borrower focused on finishing their application.

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Funded Loan Promotion/Cross-Sell

So your customer's loan has been funded. Now, how will the money best be spent? Guide your customers toward promotions that will help them get the most bang for their buck. Work in details about your own real estate or car sale services, or refer them to a partner.

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Balance Transfer Offers

Promote balance transfer programs and increase the likelihood that borrowers move money to a new card. Helpful for customers with high-interest cards that are eager to make the switch.

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Gather Feedback

Talk to borrowers about their application and lending experience. Gather praise to share with your lending team on the end of a funded loan. Pinpoint areas of improvement on the heels of a funded-but-declined loan. Improve your team and your process with a few simple clicks from the customer.

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First Payment Reminder

The first payment due email cuts down on first time delinquency by automatically sending a reminder to borrowers. Includes the payment due date and amount due 20 days after funding.

XPress Accounts

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Onboarding Series

Automatically introduces your new customer to the value-add of your financial institution and its great products and services through branded email templates with links and images that are sent at scheduled intervals.

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New Customer Feedback Survey

New account openings are the lifeblood of any financial institution. Thank new customers for their time while getting their feedback on the account opening process.

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Cross-Sell Additional Products

Promote additional services to customers that have just signed up for a specific product. Include additional products related to the product they have (direct deposit for checking, check cards, overdraft protection, etc.).

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